What We Do

We have arranged our programs according to the age group of the children. We understand what kind of activities is suitable for the infants, children of ages 3 to 4 and the older ones. Here is a snapshot of the programs we offer.



Our infant care program is tailored to each child’s requirement. We assign one dedicated teacher for every infant. There are soft climbing slides and stairs where they can play. There are various toys like drive cars, riding toys, etc. with which they can play. We also take the infants outdoor and spend time with them in playhouses and playground.


We provide age appropriate activities for the toddlers. We offer theme-based programs. We teach them language, math, and science using different activities and things. We include art activities every day. The toddlers learn how to color, paint, etc., We let them play with play dough, puzzles and building blocks to open up their creative ability. We give them potty training and teach them social skills.


We provide play-based programs so that the children get the opportunity to experience everything around them. We provide them regular outdoor opportunities. We have a large fenced playground where children can play safely. We teach them academic, social and self-care skills.


We have programs for children aged 5 years to 12 years. We teach them to learn how to express their feelings and interact with others. We teach them about self-awareness, doing cooperative activities, cultural awareness, etc.


We record the activities of your child every day. We also write down what food they are given throughout the day and at what time. This way you will know how your child is doing and also provide us feedback so that we can improve our service.