The community center was formed in 1994 for providing quality early education to children. We aimed at providing childcare to the young for helping them develop positive habits and attitudes about themselves and the others. Our objective is to help them grow to a responsible person so that they can live well in the society.

We have dedicated staff to take care of the children. We help each child develop his or her potential. We don’t discriminate children regarding religion, color, race or intellectual ability. Besides giving them educational lessons, we also teach them strong moral lessons so that they can work towards the good of society and the people. We encourage good health, so we have plenty of physical activities for students which are fun and good for health as well.
Today in most households both the parents need to work to raise a family. So, parents are often worried about keeping their children in a safe place. Our community center is a safe place for children to stay while you are away.

Please contact us if you would like your children to learn things outside of his or her classroom and enjoy some quality time with other kids.